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Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 20th 2010 - BAGA Golf Tournament

November Tournament:

Format: Flag/Tombstone/Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is another name for a Flags tournament. Each golfer begins the round with an allotment of strokes - usually his or her full handicap plus the par of the course being played - and plays until those strokes are used up. The golfer who advances farthest around the course before using up his allotment of strokes is the winner. This determines our winner in the Net (w/handicap category).

Although some players might not complete all 18 holes, it is required to do so in order to record their gross score. This will determine the winner in the Gross (w/o handicap category).

December Tournament:

Format: The format for our Christmas Tournament is medal (stroke) play. Date is tentatively set for December 4th. Our match play tournament is also tentatively set for Sunday December 12th.

For anyone that can't get away from the Office here is a link to some Putting practice :

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