Registered with the "NATIONAL SPORTS COUNCIL OF BELIZE" $5,000.00 Raised for Karl Heusner Hospital, $1,281 Raised for Dangriga Cancer Society, $2,238 Raised for Children of Hope Charity, $1,000 for Student Scholarship, $600 for Roaring Creek Softball Team.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Belize Golf Tournament Results - December 2010

Thanks to everyone that turned up to the BAGA Christmas Golf competition. We will be posting results on the site soon but while you wait you can peruse the days photos.

Many thanks to all our sponsors and friends for your kind donations.

John Sansone – Cardies
Slavek Machaca - Manatee Inn
Garbutt Family – Garbutt’s Gas Station
Andy Hunt – Belize Jungle Dome
Alan Gobie – Belize Natural Energy
John Wongsan – NAPA
Deacon Cal – BRC Printing
Sam Mathias – Banana Growers Association
David Giesbrecht
Mickey Thornton
Alan Graham
Nelson Gallardo
Jaime Gonzalez
Karl Ayres
Korie Williams
Ivan Hernandez
Naim Musa
Joseph Thomas
Roaring River Golf Course

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