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Friday, February 11, 2011

Belize Golf Tournament Results - Update to January 29th 2011 Results

After review it has been decided that Paul Martins Disqualification in the January 29th 2011 Tournament was incorrect and has now been overruled.

The committee from the BAGA and the BGA are both in agreement that he should not have been Disqualified due to his scorecard being added up incorrectly.

Although it is normal for the players to add up their cards at the end of the competition they are not responsible for the addition of the scores. Only that each hole is recorded accurately. The following rules have been applied to this decision :

Rule 33-5 :

In Stroke Play, the Committee is responsible for the addition of scores and application of the handicap recorded on the card.

Rule 34-1b

In stroke play, a penalty must not be rescinded, modified or imposed after the competition has closed. A competition is deemed to have closed when the result has been officially announced.

We apologize to Paul Martin for the incorrect decision. Pauls scorecard showed 66 but was added incorrectly. His real score was 69 and this stands as the winning score. We would like to congratulate him on his victory. The revised results can be viewed here : January 29th 2011 Tournament Results.

The committee would like to remind all players that they should sign their scorecards after they have finished the competition as per Rule 6-6b.

If they have any questions about their round they should check with the committee before signing the card. Once the card has been signed it cannot be altered.

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