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Sunday, October 16, 2011

BAGA 2011 Match Play Golf Tournament - Results last 16.

Hello Golfers,

We are down to the last 8 in the BAGA 2011 Match Play Golf Tournament.

The results from the last 16 round were :

  • Deacon Cal beat Paul Martin (Paul Martin Conceded) 
  • John Sansone beat Andy Hunt (3&1) 
  • Mickey Thornton beat Peter Allen (2&1) 
  • Bill Mckenzie beat Robert Lee (3&2)) 
  • Ray Garbutt Jr (Bye) 
  • Tim Heath beat Jaime Gonzalez (1up) 
  • Alan Graham beat Ryne Lizarraga (3&1) 
  • Reni Reyes beat Ryan Garbutt (1 up) 

The Quarter finals are :

Top half of the draw :
  • John Sansone (15) v Mickey Thornton (10)
  • Tim Heath (6) v Ray Garbutt Jr (6) 

Bottom half of the draw :
  • Bill Mckenzie (4) v Alan Graham (9) 
  • Deacon Cal (19) v Reni Reyes (23) 

Remember your handicaps DO NOT change through this tournament. Your handicaps are in brackets behind your name.

You have until 7th November to complete the quarter final matches.

Congratulations to the players who made it to the final 8. It is getting serious now as the remaining players can sniff the first prize of $200.00 and their name on the BAGA Match Play Trophy.

Click on this image to enlarge.
Good luck.

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