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Saturday, December 31, 2011

BAGA 2012 Golf Season

Welcome to the 2012 Golf season for the BAGA. Last year was a great success and we hope to continue the progress made by the association in the coming year. Thank you for all your support. 

Welcome to the Board :

  • Mickey Thornton (President, Treasurer), Andy Hunt (Tournaments and Handicaps), Tim Heath (Secretary), John Sansone (Vice President), Sam Mathias, Alan Graham. 
  •  Trustees :  Peter Allen, Ray Garbutt Sr and John Wongsam.

Membership Fees :

  • The registration fee for the BAGA will be $80.00 per player. Players should pay their registration before they enter their first tournament.

Tournaments :
  • Tournament Entry Fee : $55.00. $60.00 for Tombstone and 2 Man Best Ball.
  • 12 Monthly Tournaments. Points will be awarded on scale from 12,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for each category, every month : Gross (without handicap), Net (with handicap) and Senior Net (with handicap).
  • Each monthly tournament, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals will be presented to the winners of Gross and Net Category.  There will also be a 1st Place Senior trophy for Net category for each month.  
  • Senior age is any player who is 60 years + at Jan 1st 2012. Any player who turns 60 during 2012, will be eligible for the senior category after their 60th birthday.
  • A player will be permitted to win in one category only. Either Gross, Net or Senior (Net).
  • Tournaments will start at 8.30am and players should register in the club-house before 8.15am.
  • Ties will be decided by best back 9 score, best front 9 score or total score from 15th- 18th holes.
  • As agreed unanimously by the members, tournament groups will be drawn randomly at the beginning of each tournament. The committee has the right to change the groups if they see that slower players are grouped together, so we can improve the speed of play.
  • There will be 9 stroke play tournaments, plus a Stableford, Tombstone and 2 Man Best Ball.
  • $10 sidepot will include : Closest to Pin #1 and #10, Long Drive #15, any 2 Score, AND Longest putt made on #5 or #14.
  • We will also have a 2 Man Scramble sponsored by Belize Jungle Dome and a Ryder Cup sponsored by Corkers Restaurant.
  • One big trophy in the club house with monthly winners, smaller medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

 Members Sponsorship :
  • We need sponsors for all of our monthly Tournaments. That includes YOU. All members should try and donate something during the season whether it be a bottle of wine, sleeve of balls, bag of tees, voucher etc, etc.
  • We also agreed that members would take turns to assist on tournament days to assist in the mundane chores such as collecting the $10 pot and writing up the Closest Pins and long drives. Don’t be shy in volunteering

Etiquette :
  • Please respect other players during rounds. Do not tread on players putting lines, talk during a player’s stroke, stand on or behind the player’s line when putting etc.
  • We wish to have a friendly, cordial atmosphere at our tournaments and also encourage our new members to learn and enjoy the sport. Player’s patience with other players is also appreciated.
  • All players should make an effort to keep their speed of play swift for the benefit of all members. As a general rule, 4 hours is sufficient to complete a tournament round.
  • How Can I do this? Be ready to play when it is your turn by already considering the shot you wish to play. Complete most of your practice swing/s before it is your turn and already have your club selected so you can take your shot immediately. Move on from the greens swiftly after you have finished the hole. Also make an effort to have prepared for your putt while your opponents are putting. This can be done discretely without interfering with your opponents turn.
  • Repair your divots on the fairways and pitch marks on the greens.

2012 Monthly Tournament Schedule :
  • January 21st – Stroke Play format
  • February 18th – Stroke Play format
  • March 17th – Stableford format
  • April 21st – Stroke Play format
  •  May 12th – Tombstone format
  • June 16th – Stroke Play format
  • July 21st and July 22nd – Belize Amateur Open – 2 Day Tournament. Stroke Play format
  • August 18th – Stroke Play format
  • September 15th – 2 Man Best Ball format
  • October 20th – Stroke Play format
  • November 10th – Stroke Play format
  • December 8th – Stroke Play format

In Addition we will also be holding a 2 Man Scramble on 11th February, sponsored by Belize Jungle Dome and a Ryder Cup, sponsored by Corkers Restauarant. Date for the Ryder Cup to be decided.

Belize Amateur Open :
  • This will be an open tournament to any golfers.
  • 2 Day tournament, Saturday July 21st and Sunday July 22nd 2012.
  • Points awarded will be double the normal monthly points so BAGA players will get 24,20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2 but will need to play both days to qualify.

Match Play Tournament :
  • $20 entry fee to be paid before player’s first Match Play game. Players will be divided into 2 groups, the Xunantunich Division and the Caracol Division. Players will play every player in their division once.
  • Seeded draw to ensure a spread of handicaps in each division.
  • 2 pts awarded for a win, with a bonus point for a player who wins by 3up or more. Ties to go to extra holes.
  • Players use their current handicaps at the time of each match.
  • Players to organize their own matches. Any disputes to be forwarded to the committee immediately for final decision. Players who refuse to organize their matches will forfeit their points to the opponent.
  • Top 2 players from each group at the end of the season will go forward to semi-finals. Winner of Xunantunich Division to play runner up in Caracol Division. Winner of Caracol Division to play runner up in Xunantunich Division. Semi-Final winners to play off for the Final.

Notice Board in Club-House :
  • At the Start of the season we will fix a notice board in the Club House, where players can enter their Match Play results, see last year’s results, stats, information, current tables for 2012 etc.

End of Season Awards :
  • At the end of the year points will be totaled to find the Player of the year for Gross, Net and Senior (Net). There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd with players only entitled to win in 1 Category.
  • Match Play Champion, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Clubman of the Year, 1st Place. Criteria : Attendance, Sportsmanship, Donations, Involvement. To be voted for by the board.
  • Most Improved Player. Based on Starting handicaps (1st Tournament in January 2012) and ending handicaps (last Tournament in December 2012). Highest % Improvement in Handicap Index is winner.

 Childrens Program :
  • Part of the BAGA mandate is to encourage golf through the community and to try and develop our youth. We acknowledge and thank Andy Hunt and Mickey Thornton who have been running the Children’s program since March 2011 and this will start again in January 2012. Any members who wish to volunteer their time please come forward. We will also be holding a Belize Children’s Championship where a BAGA Adult member will partner a child in our first Tournament of its kind in Belize.

BAGA Mexico Trip
  • We plan to put on a golfing road trip to Mexico so if you are interested please discuss with any of the board and let them know if you wish to go. Tentative dates are for September 2012.

2012 should be an exciting year for the BAGA and we hope to see as many of you sign up as possible, to keep competition fierce and to spread around the awards. 2012 is going to be your best season ever. See you on the course.

Contact us by email at or call Andy Hunt on 651 9929 or Mickey Thornton on 665 3352 to register or for more information.

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