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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Belize 2012 Match Play Groups

19 Players signed up for the BAGA 2012 Match Play.

Xunantunich Division

Andy Hunt
Ryan Garbutt
Shaun Breeze
Mickey Thornton
Lloyd Gillett
Rob Lee
Geoff Hembling

Caracol Division

Bill Mckenzie
Paul Martin
Alan Graham
Jim Comber
Steve Hack
Ray Garbutt Sr

Lamanai Division

Tim Heath
Sam Mathias
Steve Maestre
John Wongsam
John Sansone
Boris Vostry

·  Play each player in your Division once. Email Scores to or call Andy on 651 9929 or Mickey on 665 3352 with your results.
·  Use your current handicaps at the the time of each match. i.e the handicap showing in the clubhouse when you play.
·  If a match is tied after 18 holes, then play continues until one player wins a hole.
·  If a player arranges a game with an opponent and does not turn up he/she forfeits the match, with 2 points being awarded to the winner
·  2 Points for a win and a bonus point if you win your match by the end of the 15th Hole.
·  At the end of the season the Top 2 from each Division will proceed to knockout stage plus 2 wild cards for the next highest point scorers.
·  Players that drop out will forfeit their remaining games but the results from their played matches will stand.
·  If 2 players are tied on points at end of year the player that won against his opponent will be deemed highest in the division.
·  If players from different divisions are tied on points for the 2 wildcard spots a playoff will be required.
·  Pairings for Knockout stage for the Final 8 players will be decided by the highest point scorer of the year vs lowest point scorer of the year, next highest vs next lowest etc, etc.
·  It is players responsibility to arrange their matches.

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