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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rules of Belize Amateur Open sponsored by RF&G Insurance - July 21st/22nd 2012

RULES OF BAGA 2012 Belize Amateur Open Sponsored by RF&G Insurance.

·         2 Day Stroke play tournament.
·         $150 entry. Registration closes Friday 20th July. NO Registration on Saturday. NO REFUNDS.
·         Groups will be drawn on Friday afternoon when registration has closed.
·         Start time to be advised. Players responsibility to check with committee for their start time.
·         NO PRACTICE on the course Saturday or Sunday.
·         Saturday players groups and starting hole will be drawn on Friday.
·         Sunday players groups will be based on lowest Gross scores from Saturday.
·         Played by USGA rules with RRGC local rules applying.
·         Balls to be played as they lie, EVERYWHERE on the course unless advised by committee on the day.  Only exceptions are :
i)        Ditches running on right side of Hole #8,9,17,18. Free Drop – 1 Club length.
ii)       Balls in bunkers, only where players ball or stance is impeded by a Rock.  Free Drop - 1 Club Length Inside Bunker.
iii)     Temporary Immovable Obstructions (signs, picket fences). Move the Obstruction, NOT THE BALL. NO FREE DROP. REPLACE SIGN OR PICKET FENCE AFTER SHOT.
iv)     Tents, Nearest Point of Relief + 1 Club Length.
v)      Balls that drop into irrigation pipes or Valve Bank next to #6 green. Free drop - 1 Club Length.
·         Keep your speed of play at an acceptable pace. (Allowance 14 minutes per hole is more than enough. Each group will be issued a time guide). Be ready to play when it is your turn. If the group behind you is waiting please pick up your pace. If you fall more than 1 hole behind the group in front of you let the group behind pass through.
·         Only players attending the award ceremony on Sunday will be eligible for the Grand Raffle prize.
·         A player will not be eligible to win trophies/prizes in more than one of the categories. Gross, Net, Senior and Ladies.
·         1st Place ties in any category will be decided by sudden death play off, starting at Hole #1. All other ties will be decided by best back 9 score on Sunday, then best back 9 on Saturday. If still tied the best score from 15-18 on Sunday. Then best total score from 15-18 on Saturday. If still tied count back from hole 1 onwards on Sundays scorecard.
·         Decision of Organizing Committee is final. Paul Martin, Mickey Thornton, Andy Hunt.
·         Players who wish to bring caddies need to register with Paul Martin at the Roaring River Golf course for permission.
·         Fo BAGA members this is a double points tournament.

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