Registered with the "NATIONAL SPORTS COUNCIL OF BELIZE" $5,000.00 Raised for Karl Heusner Hospital, $1,281 Raised for Dangriga Cancer Society, $2,238 Raised for Children of Hope Charity, $1,000 for Student Scholarship, $600 for Roaring Creek Softball Team.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Belize Jungle Dome 2 Person Scramble - Feb 23rd 2013

Thanks to all that turned up Saturday for the 2nd Annual Belize Jungle Dome 2 Person Scramble. 38 Players participated and the Tournament was closely contested with only 11 Points separating the first team from the last team.

Victorious Pairs :

Thks to Paul and Jenny from Roaring River Golf Course for hosting the competition and also to all the people that donated prizes :

Nini Hawthorne, Bob Marot, Bruce Steege, Micky Thornton, Alan Graham, Robert Lee, Chico Towers, Howard Oldham (Hot Mamas), Geoff Hatto Hembling (Corkers Restaurant).

The Tournament also carried points for our members to the Victor Ludorum Player of the Year, sponsored by Roaring River Golf Course. Table is below.

The Results are :

1st : Lorenzo Forbes/George Paoletti - 52.1
2nd : Steve Hack/Chico Towers - 52.8
3rd : Sam Mathias/Duane Arnold - 52.9

Wooden Spoon - Mickey Thornton/Alan Graham - 63.3

Here are the other awards :
  • Closest Pin #1 and #10 : Chico Towers 
  • Longest Putt #2 and #11 : Ray Garbutt Sr
  • Longest Putt #3 and #12 : Tim Heath
  • Longest Putt #4 and #13 : Robbie Robertson
  • Longest Putt #5 and #14 : Robert Lee
  • Longest Putt #6 and #15 : Vinai Thumpalay
  • Closest Pin #7 and #16 : Duane Arnold
  • Most Balls in Pond #8 and #17 : Nini Hawthorne/Daktor Holguin
  • Closest to Pin in 1 or 2 shots #8 and #17 : Lucas Hunt

Full Tables from Saturdays Tournament. Click on the tables to enlarge :

Below are the tables for the Victor Ludorum BAGA Player of the Year. Click on tables to enlarge :

Monday, February 4, 2013

Belize Golf Tournaments - February 2nd 2013

Even the ducks ran for cover on Saturday but a hardy (or foolhardy) bunch  of golfers donned their wet suits and played the second tournament of the year for the BAGA.

Congratulations to Lorenzo Forbes who filled his basket with awards on Saturday.

Thks to the players who donated prizes. Alan Graham, who added the Bogey Man award. The Southern Possie added the usual chip in prize with Rob Lee and Bill Mckenzie donating golf balls. We appreciate all these and thank everyone for that.

The next tournament is on 23rd February. This is the Belize Jungle Dome 2 Person Scramble. All are welcome. This is a 2 player team event.

We have some great prizes including :
  •  1st, 2nd, 3rd Trophies for winning teams.
  • Wooden Spoons for the team finishing in last place.
  • Free rounds of golf at Roaring River
  • Lunch at Corkers
  • Taylor Made Driver 
  • and many more Hole Prizes
  • $55 Entrance Fee.
  • Jennies Famous BBQ Lunch is included. 
Let us know if you want to register. If you do not have a partner we can help you find one.
The Belize Jungle Dome Scramble also carries points towards the Victor Ludorum Player of the year Award sponsored by Roaring River Golf Course.  12 points each for the winning pair, 10 points each for runner up, 9 points for 3rd place, etc etc.

Results from February 2nd Tournament :

Gross - Without HDCP :
  1. Andy Hunt -66
  2. Bill Mckenzie - 67
  3. Tim Heath -72
Net - With HDCP :
  1. Lorenzo Forbes - 64
  2. John Sansone - 68
  3. Steve Hack - 69
Senior - With HDCP :
  1. Steve Maestre - 69

Here are the other awards :
  • Closest Pin #1 and #10 : Lorenzo Forbes
  • Long Drive : Lorenzo Forbes
  • Any 2 : Bill Mckenzie, Lorenzo Forbes.
  • Long Putts : Lucas Hunt, Paul Martin.
  • Southern Chip In : Steve Hack
  • Bogey Man : Alan Graham, John Sansone, Lorenzo Forbes

Here are the Full Tables from Saturdays Tournament. Click on the tables to enlarge :

Here are the Yearly Tables. Click on the tables to enlarge :