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Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 Presidents Invitational - Belize Golf

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Belize Golf Tournaments - September 14th 2013

Thanks to all that participated Saturday, September 14th, in the 9th Monthly tournament of the year. The rainy season gave us a break for 24 hours and the course played excellently. 

As we move to the finale of the season we have lots of players jostling for position for the yearly honours. With 5 Tournaments remaining, there are 60 points available in the Victor Ludorum, 36 points for the Gross and 36 points for the Net, so no-one is out of the running yet.

Welcome to our 2 new members Rick Gonzalez and Ken Dupree, bringing our membership up to 40.

Thks to Steve Hack, Ken Dupree, Rick Gonzalez, John Sansone, Boris Vostry and the Southerners for the the hole prizes. Also we have a new prize from Alan Graham for any player that can shoot exactly his/her HDCP. No higher or lower but EXACTLY the number. This will roll over until we get a winner.

Results from the August 3rd Tournament :

Gross - Without HDCP : 
  • 1st - Tim Heath (67)
  • 2nd - Andy Hunt (74) 
  • 3rd - Alan Graham (75) 
Net - With HDCP :
  • 1st - Josef Vostry (65)
  • 2nd - Lucas Hunt (66)
  • 3rd - George Paoletti (67)
Senior - With HDCP :
  • 1st - Steve Maestre (70)
Here are the other awards :
  • Closest Pins : Paul Martin, (x2)
  • Long Drive : Paul Martin
  • Any 2 : Tim Heath, Paul Martin
  • Southern Chip In : Tim Heath, Steve Hack
  • Longest Putts : Ken Dupree, Tim Heath, Alan Graham. 

Full Results from the Monthly Tournament. Click on table to enlarge :

Yearly Tables, Gross and Net. Click on table to enlarge :

Victor Ludorum Player of the Year Sponsored by Roaring River Golf Course. Click on table to enlarge :