Registered with the "NATIONAL SPORTS COUNCIL OF BELIZE" $5,000.00 Raised for Karl Heusner Hospital, $1,281 Raised for Dangriga Cancer Society, $2,238 Raised for Children of Hope Charity, $1,000 for Student Scholarship, $600 for Roaring Creek Softball Team.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RF&G Belize Amateur Golf Open - June 22nd/23rd 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Corkers Belize World Cup

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Banana Shake Scramble - March 16th 2013

Another great day at the office for Belize's Golfers. The Banana Shake Scramble sponsored by Sam Mathias was a great success with 13 teams turning out. Congratulations to the 3 winning teams. We had 6 new faces on the winners podium.

Thanks to Sam Mathias for sponsoring the event. Only Sam's fiendish mind could have concocted the 1 Club Scramble and even more notably, the 17th Hole worse ball format. It was the undoing of many of the teams, as their perfect rounds came unravalled. 

Also a thank you to Peter Allen and Alan Gobie for donating prizes.

Winners :

1st Place : Geoff Hatto Hembling/Kevin Walton - 52
2nd Place : Vinai Thummalapally/Nini Hawthorne - 55
3rd Place : Robbie Robinson/Craig Martin - 57.

Winning Pairs.


Other Prizes :

Long Putts : Duane Arnold, Peter Allen x2
Closest Pin : Sam Mathias
Long Drive : Paul Martin
Worse Score on a Hole : 10. Laurence Casselle/Will Melara and Ryan Garbutt/Ryan Garbutt Jr.

Tournaments Results. Click on image to enlarge :

Victor Ludorum Player of the Year, Sponsored by Roaring River Golf Course. Click on image to enlarge :

Friday, March 8, 2013

Belize 2013 Match Play

Welcome to the BAGA Match Play Tournament. 16 Players will battle out this years competition.

Click on Bracket below to enlarge : 


·        Double Elimination Draw. Once you have lost 2 matches you will be eliminated from the Tournament.
·        Handicap Match Play over 18 holes. For example if an 18 handicapper plays a 10 handicapper (8 strokes difference), the 18 handicapper will receive 1 stroke on each of the 8 hardest holes.
·        If a match is tied after 18 holes, then play continues from Hole 1 until one player wins a hole.
·        Players will use their Current Handicap as displayed in the Club House at the time of each individual match.
·        If a player arranges a game with an opponent and does not turn up he/she forfeits the match.
·        If you have offered 3 dates to play and your opponent still has not agreed a date contact the BAGA committee. A player that makes no effort to arrange his game will be Disqualified.
·        BAGA committee will have the final decision on player’s disputes.
·        Green Fee of $50 per player/match to be paid to Roaring River Golf Course.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Belize Golf Tournaments - March 2nd 2013

Thanks to all that participated Saturday. We had several players turning in personal best performances and competition is now getting stiff in the race for the Victor Ludorum Player of the Year. In both the Yearly Gross and Net Categories we also have players bunching up at the top of the tables.

Thks to the prize donations from Mickey Thornton.

The Match Play sign up period has ended and 16 players will enter the 2013 tournament. Draw to follow.

Our next tournament is March 16th, the Banana Shake Scramble, which carries points towards the Victor Ludorum Player of the Year.

Click on Photo below to enlarge.

 Results from February 2nd Tournament :

Gross - Without HDCP :
  1. Tim Heath - 69
  2. Bill Mckenzie - 69
  3. Alan Graham - 69
Net - With HDCP :
  1. Slavek Machacka -59
  2. Sam Mathias - 64
  3. Mickey Thornton - 66
Senior - With HDCP :
  1. Steve Maestre - 67

Here are the other awards :
  • Closest Pin #1 and #10 : Alan Graham.
  • Closest Pin #3 and #12 : Alan Graham.
  • Long Drive : Paul Martin
  • Any 2 : Alan Graham (x2)
  • Long Putts : John Sansone (x2), Paul Martin,
  • Southern Chip In : Tm Heath.

Full Tables from Saturdays Tournament. Click on the tables to enlarge :

Yearly Tables for the Victor Ludorum Player of the Year, Gross and Net. Click on the tables to enlarge :