Registered with the "NATIONAL SPORTS COUNCIL OF BELIZE" $5,000.00 Raised for Karl Heusner Hospital, $1,281 Raised for Dangriga Cancer Society, $2,238 Raised for Children of Hope Charity, $1,000 for Student Scholarship, $600 for Roaring Creek Softball Team.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Golf Tournament - Belize Jungle Dome Scramble - Feb 22nd 2014

A fabulous day was had by all at the Roaring River Golf Course, for the 3rd Annual Belize Jungle Dome 2 Person Scramble. It was a really fun day with all the players enjoying the light-hearted atmosphere and fun in the sun.

We would like to welcome our new members, John Wongsam, Jan Bartak, Oliver Guthoff, Greta Gonzalez, Peter Flisock, George Paoletti, Mike Nielson, Cheryl Dupree, Kerrie Rerrie and Peter Allen, already bringing the BAGA membership to 38 players.

Also thks to all who donated prizes. Too many too mention :-)

We raised $715 to be donated towards local football teams in the Belmopan area.

Winners : Ray Garbutt Sr (Roaring Creek) and Kori Williams (Roaring Creek) :

Results :

  • 1st Place : Ray Garbutt Sr (Roaring Creek)/Kori Williams (Roaring Creek)
  • 2nd Place : Lorenzo Forbes (Corozal)/George Paoletti (Corozal)
  • 3rd Place : Doug Zimmerman (Banana Bank)/Andy Hunt (Banana Bank)

Other Prizes :
  • Longest Putts :Oliver Guthoff (Hopkins), Ray Garbutt Jr (Roaring Creek), Steve Hack (Belmopan), Lorenzo Forbes (Corozal), Andy Hunt (Banana Bank).
  • Longest Drives : Men - Paul Martin (Camalote), Ladies - Greta Gonzalez (Belmopan)
  • Closest Pin #1 and #10 : Lorenzo Forbes.

Consolation Prizes :
  • Most Balls in Water : Geoff Hatto Hembling (Camalote), Kerrie Rerrie (Belmopan)
  • Last Place : Ken and Cheryl Dupree (Belmopan).

Full Results : Click on table to enlarge :

Victor Ludorum Player of the Year 2014 : Click on Table to enlarge :

More Photos : Click to enlarge :

Monday, February 3, 2014

Belize Golf Tournament Results - Feb 1st 2014

The 2014 Belize Golf Season is in full swing with the second tournament of the year at the Roaring River Golf Course and we like to welcome the new members who joined on Saturday.

Next tournament will be on Feb 22nd and is the 3rd Annual Belize Jungle Dome Scramble. This is a 2 person scramble with trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd teams and booby prize for the last team. You can pick your own partner or we will pair you with someone on the day. Please consider donating a few hole prizes. The Jungle Dome scramble carries points towards the yearly Victor Ludorum player of the year.

Please note that members need to step up and assist at tournaments. We have tournament fees to collect, hole prizes to put out so please do not be shy in volunteering.

Thanks to the Southerners for the Prize Donation.

The results from the Feb 1st 2014 Tournament are :

Stabelford Format :

Without HDCP :

  1. - Andy Hunt (33 pts)
  2. - Bill Mckenzie (23 pts)
  3. - Steve Maestre (20 pts)

With HDCP :
  1. Lorenzo Forbes (33 pts)
  2. Ray Garbutt Sr (32 pts)
  3. Lucas Hunt (32 pts)
Senior :
  1. John Sansone (31 pts)
Other Awards :
  • Closest to Pin : Andy Hunt
  • Longest Drive : Paul Martin
  • Any 2 : Tim Heath
  • Longest Putts : Tony Zabaneh, Andy Hunt
  • Southern Chip In : Steve Hack, Paul Martin, Lawrence Casselle

Full Results from Saturdays Tournament : (CLICK ON TABLES TO ENLARGE)