Registered with the "NATIONAL SPORTS COUNCIL OF BELIZE" $5,000.00 Raised for Karl Heusner Hospital, $1,281 Raised for Dangriga Cancer Society, $2,238 Raised for Children of Hope Charity, $1,000 for Student Scholarship, $600 for Roaring Creek Softball Team.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

RF&G Belize Amateur Golf Open - June 22nd/23rd

RULES OF RF&G BAGA 2013 Belize Amateur Open. 

  • HANDICAPS : Calculated using USGA HDCP system using an Average of the best 10 scores from your most recent 20 Roaring River Course scores based on the course rating of 66 (NOT the par 64). ALL Players HDCPS are lower than their course average. Players who do not provide last 20 scores will be assessed manually by the HDCP committee. i. Example : a score of 73 is actually 73-66 = 7 x 96% = 6.72 Handicap Index.
  • 2 Day Stroke play tournament.
  • Free Practice Round on Friday after 12pm.
  • $200.00 entry BAGA Members. $250.00 entry Non-Members. 
  • Registration closes Friday 21st June at 3pm. NO Registration on Saturday. NO REFUNDS. 
  • Groups will be drawn on Friday afternoon when registration has closed.
  • Start time to be advised. Players responsibility to check with committee for their start time.
  • NO PRACTICE on the course Saturday or Sunday.
  • Saturday players groups will be drawn on Friday. All Players starting from Hole #1
  • Sunday players groups. Groups will be based on Gross Scores. All Players starting from Hole #1.
  • Played by R&A rules with RRGC local rules applying.
  • Balls to be played as they lie, EVERYWHERE on the course unless advised by committee on the day. Only exceptions are : i) All Ditches on right side of Holes #8, #9, #17,18. 1 Club length no nearer the hole. Free Drop. Ditch on right side of #9 #18 balls after the painted white rock next to the last Coconut Tree is in bounds and must be played as it lies ii) Balls in bunkers, only where players ball or stance is impeded by a Rock. Free DROP - 1 Club Length Inside Bunker no nearer the hole. iii) Temporary Immovable Obstructions (signs, picket fences). Move the Obstruction, NOT THE BALL. NO FREE DROP. REPLACE SIGN OR PICKET FENCE AFTER SHOT. iv) Tents and Bridge (#9/#18), Nearest Point of Relief + 1 Club Length no nearer the hole. Free Drop v) Balls that drop into irrigation pipes or Valve Bank next to #6 green. Nearest Point of Relief + 1 Club Length. Free Drop. vi) Drop Zone for balls in water hazard on #8 and #17. Option to use Drop Zone or hit from the previous position. vii) Any doubt on a ruling, play 2 balls until the end of the hole. Inform Committee immediately after round.
  • Keep your speed of play at an acceptable pace. (Allowance 12 minutes per hole is more than enough. Each group will be issued a time guide). Be ready to play when it is your turn. If the group behind you is waiting please pick up your pace. If you fall more than 1 hole behind the group in front of you let the group behind pass through.
  • Only players attending the award ceremony on Sunday will be eligible for the Grand Raffle prize.
  • A player will not be eligible to win trophies/prizes in more than one of the categories. Gross, Net or Senior.
  • Awards of Trophies will be based on scores in order of 1st Gross, 1st Net, 2nd Gross, 3rd Gross, 2nd Net, 3rd Net, 1st Senior.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place ties (Net, Gross, Senior) will be decided by sudden death play off, starting at Hole #9, then proceeding to 15,16,17,18 until a player wins a hole. All other ties will be decided by best back 9 score on Sunday, then best back 9 on Saturday. If still tied, best score from 15-18 on Sunday. Then best total score from 15-18 on Saturday. If still tied count back from hardest HDCP Hole onwards on Sunday.
  • Decision of Organizing Committee is final. Paul Martin, Steve Hack, John Sansone, Andy Hunt.
  • Check with Paul Martin at the Roaring River Golf course for permission to use Caddies.
  • BAGA members this is a double points tournament.

Monday, June 3, 2013

3rd Annual 2013 Corkers Golf World Cup

The 2013 Corkers World Cup Golf Tournament took place on June 1st at a re-hydrated Roaring River Golf Course, with the fairways and putting surfaces glowing a succulent shade of green after the recent rains.

All bodes well for the RF&G Belize Amateur Open on June 22nd/23rd. Don't forget to sign up before the tournament. We will not be accepting entries on the day of the competition. Deadline to sign up Thursday 20th June. See flyer below.

Back to the Corkers World Cup. Thks to all the sponsors, especially Geoff and Sam from Corkers Restaurant and Bar. Thks to all the other sponsors who made this event possible. Quality Poultry, Tropigas, Premium Wines and Spirits and Hot Mamas.

$1,000 was raised for the Children of Hope Charity.

Fourball Matches : 4 Points Belizean Americas - 2 Points Belizean Internationals.
  • Heath/Zabaneh vs Hack/Machacka - 2UP (Americas)
  • Mathias/Towers vs Weiss/Garbutt Sr - A/S
  • Samuda/Maestre vs Graham/Hunt L - 5&3 (Americas)
  • Martin/Ardoullie vs Robinson/Robinson - 2UP (Americas)
  • Sansone/Forbes vs Hunt A/Hembling - A/S
  • Allen/Allen vs Sharp/Wongsam - 3&2 (Internationals)
Chico Towers and his Zoot Suit.

Scramble Matches : 2 Points Belizean Americas - 4 Points Belizean Internationals.
  • Samuda/Maestre vs Hunt/Hunt - 3&2 (Americas)
  • Graham/Hembling vs Heath/Zabaneh - 3&2 (Americas)
  • Sansone/Forbes vs Mathias/Towers - 2&1 (Internationals)
  • Martin/Ardoullie vs Wongsam/Sharp - 1UP (Internationals)
  • Robinson/Robinson vs Hack/Hack - 4&3 (Internationals)
  • Machacka/Allen vs Garbutt Sr/Weiss - 2&1 (Internationals)

Singles Matches : 5.5 Points Belizean Americas - 5.5 Points Belizean Internationals.
  • Hunt A vs Sharp - 3&2 (Americas)
  • Hunt L vs Maestre - 3&2 (Americas)
  • Allen vs Forbes - 1UP (Internationals)
  • Weiss vs Mathias - 2&1 (Internationals)
  • Martin vs Samuda - 2UP (Americas)
  • Robinson J vs Towers - 4&2 (Americas)
  • Zabaneh vs Hembling - 4&3 (Americas)
  • Machacka vs Garbutt Sr - 2&1 (Internationals)
  • Robinson R vs Hack - 1UP (Internationals)
  • Ardoullie vs Wongsam - 3&1 (Internationals)
  • Graham vs Heath - A/S
Incredibly, after 6 hours of team play the tournament came down to the final pairing of Alan Graham (Internationals Captain) and Tim Heath (Americas Vice Captain). The match was halved meaning the teams scored 11.5 points each.

Belizean Americas retain the trophy for 2013 as they only needed to draw to hold the trophy.

Congratulations to the Belizean Americas who have now won the trophy for 3 consecutive years. A valiant effort by the Belizean International team, who matched the Americas team shot for shot but were unable to win the final 0.5 point to grab the trophy.

Other awards :

Team Hero award : Steve Maestre who won all 3 matches for a combined +11 holes victory. Other  notables include Tony Zabaneh and Peter Allen who won all 3 of their matches.

Best Loser Award : Lucas Hunt who lost by a combined -11 holes. Lucas our youngest player also deserves a mention for playing on after being struck on the collar bone by a ball at the start of his final match. Other notables include......we will leave that for your conjecture.

Best Dressed Player : One player shone from the moment he arrived. Looking like an extra from "The Mask" his Yellow Zoot Suit brought a smile to everyones face. Congrats to CHICO TOWERS.

All the Belizean Americas Team players received 3 Points for the Victor Ludorum Player of the Year, plus every play received points based on their performance on the tournament. Yearly Tables below :

Members of the winning team from Left to Right (Tony Zabaneh, Lorenzo Forbes, Rafael Samuda, Tim Heath, Frank Sharp, John Sansone - Captain). Plus a cameo from the Internationals Captain, Alan Graham). Other players from the victorious team were Hank Weiss, Ray Garbutt Sr, Steve Maestre, Frank Sharpe, Jack Robinson, Robbie Robinson.

Click on Table/Image below to Enlarge :

Victor Ludorum Player of the Year.