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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Golf Tournament Result - January 8th 2011 - Two Man Scramble

Thanks to everyone who turned out on Saturday for the first tournament of 2011.

4 teams entered the 2 man scramble, with the result going down to the final hole.

Mickey Thornton and Alan Graham were 3 under with 1 hole to play.
Paul Martin and Sam Mathais were 1 under with 1 hole to play
Andy Hunt and Robert Lee were 1 under with 1 hole to play.
Korie Williams and John Sansone were 4 over and out of the competition

Each team had to use 9 drives from both players, making the final few holes a tactical nightmare.

Andy Hunt and Robert Lee in the first group needed a birdie to get into contention and chipped in on 18 to finish at 2 under 62.

Paul Martin and Sam Mathais could not improve their score on their final hole finishing at 1 under, 63. A respectable score for a team beset by childish squabbling throughout, reminiscent of the French Football squad of 2010. :-)

Mickey Thornton and Alan Graham were in control of their own destiny after a gloriously topped fairway chip into the pond bank, that skipped up and rolled up fortuitously to 4 feet from the pin to enable them to move to 3 under.

Mickey and Alan stymied themselves on 18 behind a group of trees, needed to make a 15 footer to make par and take the 1st prize, but missed both putts.

Congratulations to Mickey and Alan (team 1) and Andy and Robert (team 2) who both finished at 2 under to share the first prize.

As for the Williams/Sansone team, confusion reigned on hole 9 as they mysteriously seemed to have 5 balls in play (defying the rules of golf) at one point, and were never able to recover. We are sure they will return to fight another day.

Don't forget next week is the first stroke play tournament of the year.

See you at 8.30am sharp.


  1. The Martin/Mathais combo was a fine pair, with the ever present Mathais's swing coach, it was small wonder that this fine pair did not clinch the honors. As Lady Luck would have it, some rank outsiders pipped them at the post with fluke shots. Don't rule this lot out, they will be back to fight for the honor that is rightfully theirs!

  2. Martin is correct.
    Fluke shots, tree rebounds and questionable rule interpretations by the opposition are a few of the issues rpeventing a good night's sleep. That said, Martin is a complete irritant who should be kept away from public recreational areas.
    Sometimes he's a God, though.