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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belize Golf World Cup Results - May 14th 2011

Congratulations to our 2 teams who battled hard on Saturday for the First Belize Golf World Cup.

22 players made 2 teams of 11, representing the Belizean Americas and Belizean Internationals.

The teams played in the famous Ryder Cup format. The first 9 holes, pairs from each team were matched up in a FOURBALL Match Play.

After the 9 holes the teams had a break and then played in a 9 hole Singles Match Play.

Here are the Results. Belizean International Team marked (BI) and Belizean Americas Team marked (BA)

FOURBALL Pairings :

Dalix Hernandez/Naim Musa (BA ) beat Andy Hunt/Ray Garbutt Sr (BI) - 1up
Ryan Garbutt/Jenny Patterson (BA) beat Jim Comber/Carl Austin (BI) - 2up
John Wongsam/Alan Graham (BI) beat Nelson Gallardo/Rene Reyes (BA) - 2up
Peter Lizarraga/Jaime Gonzalez (BA) beat Paul Martin/Peter Allen (BI) - 3up
Mickey Thornton (BA) beat Karl Ayres (BI) - 2up
Sam Mathias/Robert Lee (BI) beat John Sansone/Tim Heath (BA) - 1up

After the FOURBALL pairings :

4 points - Belizean Americas
2 points - Belizean Internationals

SINGLES Matchplay :

Jenny Patterson (BA) beat Paul Martin (BI) - 1up
Peter Lizarraga (BA) beat Andy Hunt (BI) - 1up
Jaime Gonzalez (BA) beat Alan Graham (BI) - 1up
Ryan Garbutt (BA)beat Robert Lee (BI) - 4up
John Sansone (BA) beat Sam Mathias (BI) - 3up
Dalix Hernandez (BA) beat Carl Austin (BI) - 6up
Tim Heath (BA) and Karl Ayres (BI) - Match tied
Rene Reyes (BA) and John Wongsam (BI) - Match tied
Jim Comber (BI) beat Mickey Thornton (BA) - 1up
Peter Allen (BI) beat Nelson Gallardon (BA) - 1up
Ray Garbutt Sr (BI) beat Naim Musa (BA) - 2up.

Singles Results :

7 points - Belizean Americas
4 points - Belizean Internationals

Final Result :

11 points - Belizean Americas
6 points - Belizean Internationals.

Victorious Belizean Americas Captains : Jaime Gonzalez and Mickey Thornton.

Winner of Closest to the Pin on #1 and #10

Naim Musa

Winner of Longest Drive on #6 and #15

Nelson Gallardo

Winner of 2 Pot

Andy Hunt (#5)
Paul Martin (#5)
Mickey Thornton (#1 and #12)
John Wongsam (#6)
Naim Musa (#1)

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