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Monday, August 25, 2014

Belize Golf Tournaments - Corkers World Cup

The 4th Annual Corkers World Cup was a great success with the Belizean Americas Team facing the Belizean International team for the 4th time in our unique 27 Hole Ryder Cup Format.

A big thank you to Geoff and Sam from Corkers who sponsored the tournament and we are delighted to say that $1,238.00 was raised for "Children of Hope Foundation"

The Belizean Internationals were determined to bring victory for the first time in 4 years, whilst the Belizean Americas team were looking to extend their unbeaten run to an unprecedented 4th year.

The Results were :

2 Man Scramble :
  • Tony Zabaneh/Korrie Williams beat Paul Martin/Boris Vostry (1 Pt America)
  • Alan Graham/Fumiharu Kazurayama beat Rick Gonzalez/Ryan Garbutt (1 Pt International)
  • Peter Allen/Alan Gobie beat George Paoletti/Steve Maestre (1 Pt International)
  • Sam Mathias/John Wongsam beat Lorenzo Forbes/Deacon Cal (1 Pt International)
  • Ray Garbutt Sr/John Sansone beat Steve Hack/Geoff Hatto Hembling (1 Pt America)
  • Ken Dupree/Lloyd Gillett beat Chico Towers/Josef Vostry/Mke Nilson (1 Pt America)
Score - Americas 3 Points, Internationals 3 Points.

Pairs :
  • Alan Graham/Geoff Hatto Hembling beat Rick Gonzalez/Ryan Garbutt (1 Pt International)
  • George Paoletti/Steve Maestre beat Peter Allen/Fumiharu Kazrayama (1 Pt America)
  • Lorenzo Forbes/Deacon Cal tied Sam Mathias/Chico Towers (Tied)
  • John Sansone/Ray Garbutt Sr beat Boris Vostry/Josef Vostry (1 Pt America)
  • Lloyd Gillett/Ken Dupree beat Steve Hack/John Wongsam (1 Pt America)
  • Tony Zabaneh/Korrie Williams tied Paul Martin/Alan Gobie (Tied)
Score - Americas 6 1/2 Points, Internationals 4 1/2 Points.

Singles :
  • Steve Maestre beat Alan Graham (1 Pt America)
  • Ken Dupree beat Josef Vostry (1 Pt America)
  • Fumiharu Kazrayama beat Rick Gonzalez (1 Pt International)
  • Paul Martin beat Lloyd Gillett (1 Pt International)
  • John Sansone beat Geoff Hatto Hembling (1 Pt America)
  • Korrie Williams tied Steve Hack (tied)
  • Ryan Garbutt beat Sam Mathias (1 Pt America)
  • Mikey Nilson beat Peter Allen (1 Pt America)
  • Lorenzo Forbes beat Boris Vostry (1 Pt America)
  • Deaon Cal beat Alan Gobie (1 Pt America)
  • George Paoletti beat Chico Towers (1 Pt America)
  • Tony Zabaneh beat John Wongsam (1 Pt America)
Score - Americas 16 Points, Internationals 7 Points.

In the biggest landslide victory yet, we congratulate the Belizean Americas team for the 4th straight year.

Other Prizes :
  • Best Looser - Rick Gonzalez
  • Closest to the Water - Mikey Nilson
  • Longest Putt - Mikey Nilson
  • Eagle - Tony Zabaneh and Korrie Williams
  • Most Balls in the Water (again) - Geoff Hatto Hembling
  • Biggest Match Play Whoop - Paul Martin
  • Loosing Team Hero - Alan Graham
  • Hit your Net - Korrie Williams
  • Best Dressed - Steve Hack
  • Best Mathias - Josef Vostry
  • The mighty Raffle - Peter Allen.
Well done to all the players that participated. See you at the next tournament.

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