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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Belize Golf Tournament Results - December 6th 2014

The curtain closed on the last Golf Association tournament on Saturday 6th December.

Next week (Dec 13th) is the Roaring River Xmas Tournament. All players are asked to bring a prize to donate. There are lots of prizes for all the players.

Also next week will be the Yearly Awards Ceremony for the BAGA.We will find out who the Player of the Year is for the following categories : Victor Ludorum, With Handicap, Without Handicap, Senior, Ladies, Junior, Most Improved Player, Karl Ayres Clubman of the Year. Plus the highly sought after "Least Improved Player".

Results are :

Without HDCP : 
  •  1st - Tim Heath - 28 Pts
  • 2nd - Andy Hunt - 28 Pts
  • 3rd - Bill Mckenzie - 24 Pts
With HDCP :
  • 1st - Slavek Machacka - 33 Pts
  • 2nd - Lucas Hunt - 32 Pts
  • 3rd - Steve Maestre - 32 Pts
Senior :
  • John Sansone - 29 Pts
 Other Awards :
  •  Any 2 : Bill Mckenzie, Steve Hack
  • Longest Putt : Deacon Cal, Sam Mathias
  • Longest Drive : Tim Heath
  • Southern Chip In : Andy Hunt, Steve Hack, Paul Martin, Michel Ardoullie, Sam Mathias
  • Closest Pin : Bill Mckenzie, Tim Heath.
Full Results. Click on Image to Enlarge :

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