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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Belize Childrens Golf Tournament - June 29th 2011

What a great day at the Roaring River Golf Course. The first Belize Junior Golf Tournament took place on June 29th 2011. Scroll down this email/post to see the slideshow and Videos of the children in action.

Click on the website to see this slideshow (below) of the children in action :

7 Children who have been practicing since March 2011, entered the competition with the watchful eyes of their coaches and parents on them. The atmosphere was great and the children all did incredibly well under such close scrutiny.

We also had a very exciting finish as 2 of our players tied for 1st place and had to enter a play off.

The full listing of scores over 5 holes is :

1st - Lucas Hunt (29)
2nd - Nelson Gallardo (29)
3rd - Vanessa Gonzalez (30)
4th - Blake Lee (38)
4th - Xavier Gallardo (38)
6th - Lauren Ferrier (41)
7th - Aidan Hunt (48)

We had a spectacular finish to the tournament as Lucas and Nelson tied after 5 holes and were invited to play off the 5th hole again to decide 1st place. They both shot a 5 forcing another play off hole. On the second play off hole, Lucas and Nelson both hit the green in 2 shots. Lucas making his 2 putts for a par 4. Nelson looked sure to push the final to a 3rd play off hole but his par putt came up short.

Well done to all of the children for training so well, practicing and improving so much over the last 4 months.

A big thanks to all who have supported. The list includes Alan Gobie (from the Gobie Challenge who sponsored the Kids Academy), Paul and Jenny Martin (Roaring River Golf Course), Mickey Thornton and Andy Hunt (Coaches), Veronica, Nora and Dora from the golf course, Steve Maestre, Karl Ayres (sponsors).

Gobie has also made a generous donation for the upcoming season, so we will be able to purchase new clubs for the children.

Childrens Golf Lessons will start again in August.

Lucas and Nelson in the 1st Place Play Off








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