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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Belize Golf Tournament - 1st March 2014

22 players enjoyed the glorious sunshine on Saturday as they battled the 3rd monthly tournament. The course has change considerably in the last month, with players reaping the benefits of fast fairways, hitting enormous drives and tee shots.

It was also nice to see many players making new milestones, some making their first birdie, a new long drive champ (The Jr beast), breaking 100 for the first time and chipping in for the first time. Congrats to all our players for all these achievements.

Next tournament is March 15th. The Banana Shake Scramble. Can last years champions Geoff Hatto Hembling and Kevin Walton retain their title??

Format is 2 person scramble, 1 Club per player. Choose your partners carefully.

Results from Saturday, March 1st :

Without HDCP :
  • 1st - Andy Hunt - 68
  • 2nd - Bill Mckenzie - 73
  • 3rd - Steve Maestre - 75
 With HDCP :
  • 1st - Steve Hack - 65
  • 2nd - Oliver Guthoff - 65
  • 3rd - Lorenzo Forbes - 65
Steve Maestre also shot a net 65. Incredibly all 4 players had the same net score so we had to enforce the tie breaker rules to separate the players.

Senior :
  • 1st - Michel Ardoullie
Other Prizes :
  • Closest Pin : Bill Mckenzie
  • Long Putts : Tim Heath, Ray Garbutt Sr, Sam Mathias
  • 2s : Tim Heath, Bill Mckenzie, Paul Martin, Lorenzo Forbes, Mike Nilson, Ryan Garbutt
  • Long Drive : Ken (The Junior Beast) Dupree. 
Full Results : Click on table to enlarge :


 Yearly Tables : Click on table to enlarge :

Victor Ludorum Sponsored by Roaring River Golf Course : Click on table to enlarge :

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